Our projects

Here you can read more about our ongoing projects

Environmental Management Project

A pilot project was launched last fall, to get an overview of relevant environmental regulations and requirements, and to develop a practical environmental management system for the furniture industry. Slettvoll is the lead partner, and is at the forefront of developing a practical working tool.

Quality Manager at Slettvoll, Karoline Fløtre Gati, says that their customers are concerned about the environment and quality, so it is important to deliver goods that meet both environmental and quality requirements and contribute to a greener value chain.

Møbelkraft believes and hopes consumers and buyers will become more aware of the environmental perspective going forward, and value environmentally-friendly quality products from Norwegian furniture manufacturers when designing homes, offices and institutions.


3D Knitting & Technology

New user-friendly applications now make it much easier to use 3D knitting technology for both clothing and furniture. - Production without seams, cuts and wastage. Focusing on 3D knitwear can help both the furniture and textile industries get more environmentally friendly products, with far more sustainable value chains.

The technology makes it possible to knit with many different materials, not just wool, cotton or ordinary plastics. One can knit with various composite materials, such as carbon, and even stainless steel. This also provides great opportunities for producing "smart textiles" for, for example, health-related products.

In Norway, Ekornes is the first to produce 3D knitted furniture. In Sweden, Ikea already has 3D knit furniture for sale. More familiar is perhaps Nike's 3D knitted sneakers that have been in the market for several years.